Information and Communications Technology

Lexfin advises participants in the communications sector on all aspects of communications law, including regulatory, intellectual property, corporate, and licensing issues.

Our lawyers possess experience in the telecommunications field. Our team of lawyers have expertise and wide experience in the sector, and have advised top firms in the Information and Technology (IT) sector on the legal issues and regulations in ICT.

Lexfin’s portfolio include

  • Advised a Front-end Partner to the National Identity Management Scheme (NIMS) on the personalization of Citizens’ security cards and other areas collaboration with NIMC on the National Identity Card project;
  • Advised technology firms on deployment of shared platforms for the finance and telecommunications spaces;
  • Advised the pioneer and industry leader in the agency-banking space on its capital restructuring and legal issues arising from its market repositioning;
  • Advised on the corporate restructuring and re-positioning of a major group of communication companies with satellite, free-to-air media companies with footprint extending to west, central and south Africa

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